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lunes, 24 de julio de 2017

My Indian Warrior, A Native American Culture Inspired Clothdoll designed by Mimi Haraposita.

There's a memory that comes once and again, night after night, as a dream...
My feet surrounded by water, the sun rays touching my face, the sweet air moving my hair while I see them coming...I am a little girl. My mom is right here. However I cannot reach her hand. And they came...Wild Horses, savage people...and I was too small to fight, too small to understand, too small to die...
But I died there... lying in a river.

As my spirit rose to the heavens my mom claims to the skies for me to became a strong woman, a warrior, a free soul. Her words whispered my name and that of my little animal guardian: Mimi...Tanka.
Well, It seems I was already in heaven. I walked on tiptoe through the darkness, guided by a spot of light...Until I saw them: Three men gathering around the fire. I could only see their backs...the light of the wood fire illuminated their long hair. I stood, they sitted. They didn't turn around, they just told me:'ll be back soon...
...but you won't understand the world... will walk on tiptoe because you will never learnt to walk like the others... will learn how to defend yourself although you won't want to fight the others... will be no mom, however two kids will call you mami... won't have children 'though you will carry two souls inside you body... will create hundred of lovely creatures... will love more than anyone although you wont be corresponded...
...until one day he will...
...and always remember this: 
you won't understand nor control everything...
...accept to live...

There's a different story now, a different history...
And as I said before, I was too young to understand what was happening then, too young to hold a bow and an arrow, too young but I disappear...

As years passed I forgot what they had told me...however this lovely creature came out of my soul and my heart to remind me:
a woman
 Can be a warrior.
Can be a free spirit.
Can be a guide.
Now you remember

Mimi Haraposita.
July 24th, 2017.

martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

Audrey del Mar & Louis, little donkey love.

...Long time ago , in a far away land there were two little donkeys that lived in a tiny little wooden house sourrounded by thousands of wild pink roses....
For those who still follow my work, thank you so much for being there.
Hugs and kisses,
Nos vemos en Crearte Granada, de la mano de D'telas Inma, para hacer a esta parejita de burritos el domingo día 7 de mayo. 
El sábado estaremos haciendo a mi Pippi...y eso puede ser una locura!!!menos mal que ustedes ya conocen a mi Pippi, jijijijiji.
Un abrazo y un beso para todas,